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How it Works

The Science Behind Clean Air

Traditional PCO Technology Limitations:

  • Is Passive – Often referred to as a PCO filter because they only benefit what reaches the catalyst. No AOPs or plasma produced, Minimal Microbial and VOC reduction
  • Only Uses – Single Frequency UV lamp.
  • Only Provides Minimal catalytic reaction as Catalysts only consist of course grade Titanium Dioxide.
  • Old Methods Typically applied to ineffective mesh material with limited surface versus advanced honeycomb design.
  • Loses effectiveness over time – No primer on target surface – meaning weaker single catalyst also often flakes/degrades in use.

Photocatalytic Oxidation

Photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology uses energy to activate a catalyst, turning moisture into products that continuously clean your space.

  • Photo catalytic oxidation effectiveness is determined by both light source quality and the catalyst being used. If not balanced well, these can cause intermittent light waves producing erratic results.
  • Currently all alternative catalysts are coated with Titanium Dioxide whereas Greentech uses 4 additional synergistic components. These produce 16 times more hydroxyls on average meaning more effective reach and better sanitised, cleaner air. 
  • Moreover, traditional technologies reduce the overall production of hydroxyls and are only effective around the unit, requiring more less effective units. 

The Horti Advantage: Photocatalytic Oxidation with Cutting Edge Technology

Active Radiant Catalysis®   

  • More powerful Inactivates microbes on the catalytic surface but also creates Oxygen and Hydrogen compounds (AOPs) meaning purified air and surfaces throughout your ventilated space.
  • More reliable and effective. Broad Spectrum USA made UV lamp – with multiple wavelengths meaning significantly increased activation of catalyst
  • Patented. Catalyst design using synergistic materials specially selected to increase catalytic reactions as well as hydrophilic
    qualities to attract water vapor
  • Enhanced range. Catalyst applied to a honeycomb matrix – provides 16.8 times more surface area than a flat surface,
    increasing oxidizer production
  • Real durability. Epoxy Primer apply to aluminum honeycomb –
    ensures adhesion of catalyst
HORTI PURE AIR Presentation OCT 2310
HORTI PURE AIR Presentation OCT 2313
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Mould Spore Reduction in 36hrs

Horti ARC 0

Times more effective than any PCO on market


In collaboration with pharmaceutical growers of all scales, Greentech emphasizes real-world environment testing, prioritizing prevention over remediation. Our latest Horti range assures horticultural growers of 24/7 crop protection. As a pioneering engineering firm, Horti’s mission is to collaborate with clients, delivering efficient and cost-effective air purification solutions.

  • Active: Horti stands out as the sole technology actively purifying both air and surfaces.
  • Passive: Horti synergizes active ARC and BPI technology with premium ODOGard treated HEPA filters for comprehensive protection.


Horti is the only technology on the market that works actively in both the air and on surfaces.


Horti combine both active with our ARC and BPI technology and our high grade ODOGard treated HEPA filters.

Crop Protection