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Welcome to the Horti Research page — the nexus of scientific innovation and advanced horticulture. Each product under the Horti brand stands distinct, crafted not solely on theoretical concepts but put to the ultimate test in both stringent laboratory conditions and real-life scenarios. The outcomes from these comprehensive experiments underscore why Horti products are the top-tier choice for Indoor Air Solutions. Offering unmatched defense against a host of contaminants such as mould, powdery mildew, bacteria, viruses, botrytis, and odours, Horti sets the benchmark for air quality in the Indoor Growers and Horticulture industries. Dive deeper into our site, explore the research highlights below, and confirm for yourself the robustness of Horti’s claims — the ultimate companion for those uncompromising on air purity.

The Importance of Research and Testing

  1. Comprehensive Understanding: Laboratory and field testing together provide a well-rounded view of product performance. Lab tests ensure controlled conditions for repeatability and accuracy, while field tests evaluate how a product behaves in real-world scenarios.

  2. Reliability & Robustness: Both testing environments demonstrate the reliability of the product. Lab tests measure precision under controlled conditions, and field tests demonstrate robustness in diverse, unpredictable environments.

  3. Performance Validation: Products tested in both environments validate their performance, instilling confidence in the users. Field testing ensures the product performs as expected in the conditions it will actually be used in.

  4. Product Improvement: Insights from field testing often highlight areas for product improvement that lab testing might not reveal, leading to a better, more refined final product.

  5. Customer Assurance: Demonstrating both field and lab testing results provide assurance to customers, confirming that the product will perform optimally in their specific settings.

  6. Standards Compliance: Both testing environments are crucial for complying with industry and regulatory standards, ensuring the product’s safety, efficiency, and quality.

  7. Informed Decision-making: Having both lab and field test results available allows customers to make more informed decisions, based on detailed evidence of product performance.

Relative Humidity Tests

Terpenoid Comparison

Negative Ion Production Comparison

Horti Research

keith Roe Indoor Air Quality Specialist From IAQS Advanced Solutions

It is my considered observation that pureHVAC in combination with an ODOGard treated HEPA filter does provide a rapid and significant reduction of typical air and surface contaminants tested. In my considered opinion, the sustained condition would not be achievable without the continual use of the technology represented.