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For All Facility Needs

By combining both passive and active air technologies into all of our products Horti Products guarantee protection and a healthy fresh environment for both vegetation and you.

Horti HVAC

The Horti PureAir HVAC is a revolutionary, easy-to-install air purification system, actively enhancing air quality around the clock and distributing clean air evenly throughout various spaces, from homes and offices to schools and hospitals.

Horti 50


Horti 50 by Greentech: An advanced horticultural solution with continuous air purification and NASA-developed technology for optimal plant growth and a cleaner environment.

Horti 25


Horti 25 is an innovative horticultural product offered by Greentech that provides a range of significant benefits for horticulture enthusiasts and professionals alike. This powerful solution is specifically formulated to enhance plant growth and overall health, resulting in higher yields and improved crop quality.